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Creamy Chicken Pie

If you could see my Facebook feed you would think I have a serious problem with food, but in all honesty I just LOVE watching cooking and baking videos. Currently I am completely mesmerized with cake icing videos. Dreamy! I have so many videos saved which I probably will never land up trying out but, they do provide me with ideas and flavors to try combining which is great for when I find myself standing in front of my fridge pondering about what I can through together. So when I came across a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s 30min meals (which was a bonus time wise) I had a brain wave and  I mean, who doesn’t like pie right? Whole hearty and delicious. This recipe I have now perfected and it’s one of my favorites at the moment.

You will need: 4 Fresh chicken breasts. Mushrooms, sliced. 1 Onion, diced. 1 Egg, beaten. 1 Tub of Crème Fresh. Grain Mustard. Chicken Stock Cube (you’ll only use half). 1 Roll of Puff Pastry (cheated here, but hey, we did say 30min recipe didn’t we?). Olive oil. Butter. Salt & Pepper to taste.

Heat your oven to 200° C. Then using two pans, coat each of said pans with olive oil, or a mixture of olive oil and butter. Heat 1 pan on medium high heat and add your onions and cook until they are softened or translucent.  In your other pan grill your chicken breasts until cooked through.

Once your chicken is cooked, shred it and add it to the onions with your mushrooms. Keeping your pan on medium heat, add half a tub of your Crème Fresh and about 2 teaspoon of your grain mustard. Add your half cube of chicken stock, salt and pepper to taste. Keep stirring until chicken is covered – you should have a nice creamy consistency. Set aside to cool.

Dust your counter with flour and roll out your pasty. Not too thin, or your pastry will burn. Grease your pie dish with some butter. Spray and cook works well too. Line your dish with some rolled out pastry, keeping some aside for the top. Add your creamy chicken filling. Roll out the left over pastry and cover. Seal the edges by pinching the pastry together so your filling doesn’t escape. Using your beaten egg wash, coat the pie.

Bake your pie for about 20min, or until the pastry has turn a golden brown colour. You’ll know when it is done. “As Easy As Pie”.

Side notes…

You don’t need to shred your chicken, cubing or strips work well too, I have just found that shredding the chicken makes it go further.

I have marinaded my chicken breasts overnight in beer, adds a nice flavor too!

You may also choose only to use puff pastry for the topping, me, I LOVE anything Pastry!


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Hummus for days!


This stuff I can literally eat for days. I can sit and eat an entire bowl with a spoon and not blink an eye – my best is actually munching away on celery sticks dipped GENEROUSLY and celery is wonderfully shaped just like a spoon! Thus making for huge mouthfuls.

Delightfully, Chickpeas are also super rich in protein that they too can help prevent cravings and help balance blood sugar levels – Winning.

You will need: Chickpeas (I just bought the cheapest canned ones I could find to be honest). Olive oil, (Canola oils works well too), Tahini – which I didn’t have and wasn’t prepared to spend a small fortune on. That stuff is expensive. So I used Sesame seeds instead which I roasted for all of 2 min. Lemon juice, Garlic, Salt & Pepper to taste.


Drain the chickpeas and blend everything together.

So here comes the time consuming part… I used a stick blender and it is by far easier to blend little bits at a time than to rather try blending it all at once. Slow and steady wins the race. I so miss my Mothers MagiMix Blender – sigh!

Blend to the consistency you like. I’m not fussy when it comes to how smooth it is, but If you have texture issues and you have the time and patience, you can always pinch the skins off from each chickpea which will make your hummus a lot smoother.

I’ve played around with adding different spices and additional vegetables, turmeric, paprika, crushed ginger, onions and sun dried tomatoes add a nice flavor – you can pretty much do as you please. Hummus does well when frozen too, which is great as 1 tin of Chickpeas easily makes about 1 and 1/2 cups. Thanks for reading, now go enjoy the eating!