My Mother let me “play” in her kitchen from a very young age creating many interesting, albeit some inedible creations along the way. Images of sitting atop her kitchen counter with my tiny fingers (and most of my face) covered in flour come to mind. I genuinely enjoy cooking and baking especially when paired with a glass of wine; the idea of being free to do as I please – in other words, seeing what I have left in the fridge or the depth of my freezer and throwing it all together to create something, somehow to me, is relaxing. I tend to not think about much else to be honest, I just zone out.

I hope to share some of my more edible creations and hopefully you will try some of them too. I have been making and collecting recipes for years and with the help and encouragement from my friends and family I begin my journey of sharing them. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade from iPhone pictures to a proper cooked book with those professional photos that make one seem more fancy! Bon Appetit!